16 Countries in 3 Months, Whew!

It’s been a busy 3 months and it’s surreal to look back already at all the countries and experiences we’ve had in such a small amount of time. We’ve made a quick recap of where we’ve been and our highlights from each country. 


Perfect start to our Europe dive. We loved the bikes-own-the-road city, the delicious pastries, rainy days mixed with sunny sleep-at-the-park days. – Read More

Charles Bridge at night

Charles Bridge in Prague

Czech Republic

The medieval influence here was so cool! It was actually a good thing getting lost in the cobble-stoned streets of Prague because the streets we’d turn down were never dissapointing. The style of Church of our Lady before Tyn and the Cathedrals were beautiful. – Read More


Such a classy and beautiful place! We loved the artistic influences in this country and I’ve never been so tempted to see an opera. Spring turned into Summer here, and the gardens looked more beautiful than ever. – Read More


Our first day trip into a country! We loved relaxing at the park that was next to the large Danube River watching the cruise ships go by. – Read More

Krakow church with Apostles

Saints Peter and Paul Church, Kraków


So glad we fit this country in, and couldn’t believe we didn’t have it set in our original plan! The country is so large, but we managed to fit in a couple must-see places like the Auschwitz Concentration Camp and the Wieliczka Salt Mine. – Read More


Aww Budapest Baths are amazing! We did a walking tour and saw most of what we wanted to in one day, and then went relaxing in the baths. – Read More


Loved this place! Seriously, couldn’t get enough. Even though we cut our time short in Croatia we were still there longer than any other country. We spent 3 awesome weeks here, one of which spent exploring and hanging out with friends. Plitvice was the highlight of our trip, and of course being by the ocean. – Read More

Slovenia - adventurousfigs.com

Caves in Slovenia


Beautiful country!!! Wish we’d spent more than a day in Slovenia! The road trip with our friends was fun, and glad we could share going to caves and Bled Castle with them. – Read More

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Learned more about the result of war, not the hate but the love that comes from forgiveness. The people we came in contact with didn’t have harsh words about the past, but instead are living to embrace the future. – Read More


We met several new friends who showed us around town and provided wonderful company for several meals. – Read More

Perast, Montenegro

Perast, Montenegro


Oh how we love to see the sea! We stayed near the ocean in Montenegro and were rewarded with Croatian-like enjoyment. The fortress overlooking the Fjords and our day trip to Perast was definitely the spotlight of our stay. – Read More


Though not our favorite place, we did take away some good times from Albania. Bike riding and going to the castle were the main part of this trip, but made it worth it. – Read More


We had a great view of the city from the highest apartment floor we were staying in. Getting to explore the mountains in Macedonia and going horseback riding in the fresh air was a nice breather. – Read More

Newborn monument in Priština, Kosovo

Newborn monument in Priština, Kosovo


Perfect for a one day trip. Not a lot to see tourist-wise, but we’re glad we had the opportunity to visit this country. The Bill Clinton Statue and American appreciation was surprising even though we’d heard about it. – Read More


Another reminder that nature is just beyond the reaches of a city. We loved exploring inside the city and outside of it. – Read More


The countryside was just like the fairy tales and road trips are always fun, even with hours of traffic. A major bucket list item for Bran Castle was knocked off the list, along with more sites that should have been on the list in the first place! – Read More

We’ve loved the opportunity we’ve had to be on this journey and are grateful to those who follow on our blog and support our adventures. We haven’t even been to the countries we’ve been looking forward to most, but we’ll be adding them here soon! 

Which country would you want to visit most?


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